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XXIV Convention 2017

The organizing group has created a dedicated website which will show the most updated program, additional activities and other information of interest for attendees:
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From April 29 to May 1.

SEK partners can participate in designing the official poster for this convention.
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Neli Martín

Neli Martín

Killi contest - SEK 2017 -

The competition categories will be:
• Group I: Callopanchax, Fundulopanchax, Gularopanchax, Paludopanchax, Paraphyosemion and Raddaella.
• Group II: Archiaphyosemion, Mesoaphyosemion (Grupo Callirium) and Scriptaphyosemion.
• Group III: Aphyosemion and Mesoaphyosemion (excepto Grupo Callirium).
• Group IV: Chromaphyosemion, Diapteron and Kathetys.
• Group V: Aphyoplatys, Aplocheilus, Epiplatys, Episemion and Pachypanchax.
• Group VI: Small Rivulus.
• Group VII: Big Rivulus.
• Group VIII: Fundulosoma and Nothobranchius.
• Group IX: Annual South American.
• Group X: Aphanius.
• Group XI: Other genres including the genus Oryzias.

There will be 3 prizes per group and 1 prize in each group to the best breeding group. All fish will become property of SEK and auctioned publicly, on Monday May 1st.

Registration and delivery

The contest fish must be pre-registered before 18:00 on Friday, April 28 indicating the breeder's name, association, membership number, group, species, population and group composition (pair, trio or group of breeding).
They must be delivered to the Convention before 1 pm on Saturday, 29 April.
Couples, trios (1 male and 2 females), reverse triplets (1 female and 2 males) and breeding groups (3 pairs or 2 trios) are allowed.

Pre registration of fish contact

2017 convention organizing group



Fish sending and reception

Clearly indicate that they are for the SEK's convention

Amaia, 21
48930 Las Arenas – Getxo

3 prizes per group and one prize in each group the best breeding group are granted.
All fish will become the property of the SEK and auctioned publicly, on Sunday May 1.

Photography Contest - SEK 2017 -

Photographs that reflect the activities and everything related to the world of killifish. The deadline for submission of works will be open until 03/04/2017. You can enter this contest anyone over age and belonging to an association killífila, presenting up to three photographs, unsigned author's name or any identification.

They should be sent to:
Photo size will be 20x30 cm, color, horizontal and vertical, in digital format. The maximum size of each file is 5 MB. a minimum digital resolution of 300 dpi and RGB mode is recommended. The images must be original and exclusive to the author and have not been awarded any photographic competition, besides being free of third party rights they can claim. photomontages or photographs digitally retouched (apart from the typical developing) will not be accepted.
The photographs will become the property of the SEK, which all rights to use, reproduction, display or distribution mentioning the author of the work will be reserved.
Photos should be sent by e-mail with an attached text file:
- Title of each work associated with the corresponding file name.
- Brief explanation of the work. Interesting to note if the work is vertical or horizontal and any information you provide the correct exposure of the same.
- About the author: name, association, country and email address.
It will be awarded the best exposure photography.

Convention Program - SEK 2017 -


13:00 Txakoli welcome and opening.
17:00 Excursion to the Museum of Mining of the Basque Country of Gallarta.
Indicative price: 5€ (pay at arrival). Mandatory reservation before April 19.


- 10:00 Reception of fish registered to the competition.
- 11:00 Opening of the killis exhibition.
- 12:00 Conference-projection: "Initiation to Killifish",
by José Ignacio López (member of SEK's South Group).
- 13:00 Closing reception of fish.
- 17:00 Conference-projection: "Forty years keeping and breeding killifish",
by Jan Willem Hoetmer (President of KFN), with simultaneous translation.
- 20:00 Closing of the premises.
- 21:00 Dinner-lunch at Hotel Ortuella Restaurant. Price: 20€.
Payment by Paypal or bank transfer, reservation and payment until April 19.


- 10:00 Opening of the exhibition and the flea market.
- 12:00 General Assembly of Members.
- 13:30 Closing the flea market.
- 17:00 Conference-projection: "Fish expeditions in the Mato Grosso",
by Jan Willem Hoetmer (President of KFN), with simultaneous translation.
- 20:00 Closing of the exhibition.
- 21:00 Prize-giving dinner at Restaurant Arrago Meatza in Ortuella. Price: 35€.
Payment by Paypal or bank transfer, reservation and payment until April 19.


- 08:00 Convention dismantling and bottling of fish.
- 10:00 Auction of all the fish.
- 13:30 Closure of the convention and farewell lunch.
Courtesy of the SEK for all the congressmen.

Reservations and payment


To email:

Payment by bank transfer:

Account holder: Sociedad Española de Killis
IBAN: ES90 2048 0003 6734 0400 4325
SWIFT/BIC: CECAESMM048 (for payments from outside Spain)
Indicate in the concept: names of attendees and acts for which they are reserving.

Payment by Paypal:

Paypal payments must be increased by 5% for the commission charged by Paypal. It must be paid with the option "Pay products or services". DO NOT use the "Send money to family or friends" option in Paypal.
You can also do it through our payment service.

Place of convention

OKE (Culture house) in Ortuella
Catalina Gibaja, 10 - 48530 Ortuella (Bizkaia)
Phone: 946 353 185 - Web: OKE Ortuella Click on the image to view in Google Maps
GPS coordinates: 43.309404, -3.053976


Ortuella is about 20 minutes by car from the center of Bilbao.
There is a suburban train (line C-2) from the center of Bilbao every half hour. The trip lasts about half an hour.
Bilbao airport has direct flights to many European cities (Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Lisbon, London, Manchester, Munich, Prague, Rome, Zurich, ...).
Bilbao is 1 hour and a half from the French border by motorway.


Hotel Ortuella (
Granada Polygon , 1 - 48530 Ortuella
GPS coordinates: 43.305909, -3.045114
Phone: 946 353 204
Hotel booked with special rates for attendees:
Single room: 45€ per night.
Double room (marriage or 2 beds): 50€ per night.
Extra bed for children (up to 12 years) free.
Free parking (limited spaces).
It should be noted that it is the offer for the SEK 2017 Convention.

Other nearby economic alternatives:
Hotel Ibis Budget, in Barakaldo (7 Km from Ortuella).
Approximate room price: 46€ per night.
Hotel Ibis, in Barakaldo (7 Km from Ortuella).
Approximate room price: 59€ per night.


Bilbao has many tourist attractions (Guggenheim Museum, Euskalduna Palace, Maritime Museum, Alhóndiga, Museum of Fine Arts, Casco Viejo, Ribera Market, Santiago Cathedral, Gran Vía, Zubizuri Bridge, Biblioteca Foral, Doña Casilda Park, Ría de Bilbao, Monte Artxanda, ...) and has a great reputation for its gastronomy.

We count on you!

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