Sociedad Española de Killis, S.E.K.

The members of the Spanish Society of Killifish (SEK) have at their disposal two powerful tools of communication and consultation:

  • SEK's Website (which you are viewing now) with public and private contents and tools.
  • SEK's Forum (also called Aphanius)) with public and private subforums.

To register at Aphanius forum you need to be a SEK member. In this case follow the instructions at the following link: Join Aphanius Forum.
NOTE: Currently the forum automatic registration is disabled, you will receive your login details once you were registered as a member.

To register on this web services,, follow the instructions below.

Exclusive web services for Members

To be registered as a user member on this website, you must follow these steps:

If you're not a member of the SEK...

To enjoy our private content and tools you must send the application form that is placed on this website. On that form we recommend that you specify the e-mail address you used, at least initially, when you become a registered user on the Web. For more information, click on the following links: Information for new members | Application form (registration form)

Once you receive confirmation from the Secretary of the SEK that your request has been approved and verified the payment of the fee, it will open a membership card in the Database of SEK. In this tab, you will be saved the e-mail address you specify in your registration form.

You already a member of the SEK...

Once our secretary has confirmed your registration in the SEK, you will receive an email from the webmaster (check your spam folder if you didnt receive it) with an initial access data that you can later change or request automatic keys that will be provided to the e-mail address you provided.
If you are already a registered member with an e-mail in the Membership Database and want to obtain access codes, follow the following link: get passwords. You must enter the e-mail with which you are registered, the system will send there the new keys.

If the e-mail is not identified, or did not specify an e-mail when you became a member, you can ask for help directly to the administrator, who will guide you personally in the process of registration.

After receiving the keys to your email account, should be introduced into login form. If you have problems with this step, you can ask for help directly to the administrator.

Once authenticated as a registered user, you will see content and use tools that are reserved for members of the SEK. You can also modify your personal data, passwords, and other information related to your personal profile membership. To do this click the link below: Modify my user profile

We wish you a successful experience using the services we have prepared for you.

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