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How to become a SEK Member

It´s very easy, please find below instructions for you to begin enjoying membership very soon.

It's neccessary you send documentation specified below to us, and you must pay inscription and membership fees too

Please note: if you are an adult (over 18 years) you must complete the registration form; if you are between 14 and 18 you must complete the registration form and the permission of parent / mother / guardian; and if you are under 14 years you will need an adult person who shall be identified as member until you reach the age of 14.

Inscription Fee:

It must be paid at your first time inscription: 5 euro.
It must also be paid everytime an ex-member wishes to re-enter SEK once he or she has left SEK, with no regard to the time passed from leaving.

Annual Fee for year 2024:

Unique membership: 25€/year for spanish or APK members and 30€/year for the rest.
This fee must be paid fully with no regard to the month of the year (approx. 2.08€/month for spanish or APK members and 2.5€/month for the rest), as it´s possible to download from the webpage all the publications from the last 12 months.

This payment can be sent by a money transfer to the following account in Liberbank (please identify clearly):

Account number: 2048 0003 67 3404004325

If you send your transfer from abroad, please include SWIFT code: CECAESMM048

...again, please remember to include in your transfer your first and last name.

You also can pay your membership subscription in:
Online service for payments and renewals.

Once you've sent the payment, please send by mail to our Officer:
- photocopy of the money-transfer document
- inscription sheet (below) properly filled
- personal photo

If you prefer, you can send all the quoted documentation scanned by e-mail, which will make procedures faster; if that's the case, please click here and ask the Officer to send you the e-mail address to which you must send the scanned documents.

Officer's Mail Address:
Marco Antonio Gómez Labrador
Los Quinteros, 1
41749 - El Cuervo de Sevilla
Sevilla - España
Contact the officer

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