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SEK Convention XII

Again, as every year the Convention serves to meet with all colleagues and friends with whom we chatted on Aphanius and by e-mail. A weekend eagerly awaited and enjoyed in a friendly atmosphere.

After the XII Convention we took stock and we can talk about a new success.

The installation of the exhibition by members of the Center Group was perfect and very well organized. The affluence of public was tremendous. On Saturday the exhibition hall was full to the point that cost a lot of work to approach the aquarium to see fish and to take notes for the auction on Sunday. Also the talk about photography provided by Angel Canovas, and the killifish conferences that gave Heber Salvia and J. W Hoetmer were well attended and were very instructive. Heber Salvia surprised us with his conference because it was not scheduled and he offered very kindly to talk about killifish in Uruguay.

In terms of killifish, again RECORD of aquariums. 361 tanks were exposed for the killifish contest (last year was 337). From all of them, 232 belonged to the members of the SEK (last year was 158). This year we beat the record and unfortunately killifish sent by AKFB (Belgium) and DKG (Germany) associations failed to reach Spain. The numbers are clear and each time demonstrates the importance of the SEK in European associations and the large share of their PARTNERS (with caps). Must think about expand next year's local.

Also exhibited a few aquariums from SEK's Killifish Conservation Project and some Uruguayans killifish, some yet to classify donated by Heber Salvia. In summary killifish level and quantity was very good, as in recent years. This year was especially large the number of annual South American with a total of 79 aquariums plus the ones donated by Heber Salvia.

This year's dinner was at a different restaurant than last year. We enjoyed a great dinner and I think we won with the change, we had parking, good waiter service, a very good menu, ... finally a wonderful site. Perfection does not exist and will always find some small details that can be improved. For next year we hope to raise the level and make people to go so happy as this year. As always after dinner was the awards ceremony in which we must mention the prize for best fish that was for Yago Soto with a Fundulopanchax amieti.

On Sunday it's time to collect and auction. We must thank the members effort for sealing killfish and collect bagging exposure. While others are in the auction, they are gathering like ants to leave all clear and clean. Thanks to all of them.

The auction was very animated, there were genuine killifish good deals for a few euros because the large number of specimens. Other bids to take over the "star species" were fiercely contested and applauded by the audience.

And finally the appetizer and the closure of the Convention. Farewells of friends until next year and good wishes for the newly acquired killifish. We find it difficult to say goodbye as we would like to stay longer and enjoy a little more of our fans, but the convention is over and just begun to think of the next.

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See you in 2006!
Grretings from Miguel Angel Saiz
SEK's Webmaster

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