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The year 2004 has not been so badly, I would refer to the data. It is clear that the solidarity spirit that characterizes the people dedicated to the world of the Killifish, does not decay but continues to boom.

Do not want to go into considerations that are in the mind of everyone. We enjoy both playing and sharing our killfish. One way for this is participating in conventions, conducted by Associations of other countries and of course in ours, obviously.

There are many SEK Partners who shared their fish, sent them to international conventions in which our association has participated, their names are listed on the participation and results. Clearly they have contributed to the diffusion of our well-meaning among fans of other Associations.

However, these lists don't show the names of many more, they deserve a special mention here. We all know many friends, not on these lists, Friends of the SEK and other associations, whose highest and best merit is their generosity, they are at any time willing to give you eggs, fry, couples, strains of live food, plants, etc.. Most of anonymous killifish breeders, will have enough killfish to present to a lot of events, but faced with the choice of presenting another couple or give them to a new amateur, opt for the latter because his excessive generosity. These are those who really deserve the highest prize, but for them the greatest reward is to enjoy the satisfaction of extending more and more and more, this wonderful hobby.

Thank you all and congratulations.
Francisco J. Malumbres Viscarret. President of SEK.

We report here the participation of SEK members in different European conventions and the results that were obtained during 2004 and the comparative with the 2003 results.
DData collected by Miguel Ángel Saiz SEK-74 and José Ramón Tauste SEK-86.

Peces presentados por la SEK en convenciones internacionales Premios obtenidos por la SEK en convenciones internacionales

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